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Patient Testimonials

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"I felt self conscious about my smile. It seemed as I got older, my front two teeth were getting pushed back and my incisors sticking out. I did not feel comfortable smiling. Dr McCargar discussed different options for me, including veneers. All of the staff at Scottsdale Dental Arts helped me feel comfortable and walked me through each step to make sure they understood what I wanted in my new smile. The process was extensive but I feel that I received a smile that I have always wanted. One of the main reasons I love my new smile, is that it looks natural. I get compliments on my smile all the time and feel more comfortable smiling, laughing and being myself without wanting to cover up my teeth."

Megan Connolly

"I had many problems with my teeth growing up, braces and shattered teeth until I met Dr. McCargar. His killer skills and his professional staff took great care of me and my teeth.  I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Dr. McCargar’s office and could not have asked for a better result.  They’re like a family to me. Thanks Do.!"

Andrew Colicci

“I just wanted to sincerely thank Dr. McCargar and your staff for the incredible treatment I received with your practice.  I was getting married in a few months when I first met Dr. McCargar. I had become increasingly self-conscious of the discoloration of my existing bridge and the way it affected my overall smile.  During my cosmetic consultation, Dr. McCargar took the time to ask me questions and fully understand what I was looking for.  He then walked me through several options and gave his professional opinion as to which would give me the best overall result.  I trusted his expertise and am SO thankful I did!  I am over-the-moon about my new smile.  He and his cosmetic design-team blew me away with their artistry and exceeded all my expectations.  On my wedding day, my father gasped, “Wow! You have a perfect smile.”  It was truly a special moment and I can’t thank you enough!

Theresa Monaco

"Dr. Jason did a fabulous job in designing and creating a smile that I love. The entire experience was a delightful surprise. I would never have expected to be “pampered” at a dentist office. The entire staff was delightful. I was the center of attention and my smile seemed to be everyone’s highest priority. I went in expecting great improvement but underestimated the effect a new smile would have on the way I feel about myself! The results make me smile all the time!

From the design to preparation to the final result, Dr. Jason demonstrated a winning combination of engineering-type skill and precision along with true artistic talent. He helped me select the best shape and color for my teeth. I was able to see what they would look like, wear temporaries to make sure I was happy with the look, and then get my final smile that will keep me smiling to the end of my days!

I am often asked to speak to business networking groups about how to get more business referrals. As a referral marketing expert, I have always told the audience it is important to build trust and liking to get more referrals. I know from research studies a smile is the best way to establish liking and trust with people you meet. I now know from experience a good smile will make you more confident when meeting anyone AND confidence sells!"

Victoria Trafton
Owner, Referral Institute of Central Arizona