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7 Great Teeth Tips for Back-To-School

7 Great Teeth Tips for Back-To-School

Its Back-to-school time and most kids want to make a good first impression with the right backpack, clothes or haircut. But since the first thing most people notice is your smile – Scottsdale Dental Arts has a few tips to get one of you most important tools ready for Back-To-School…your smile.

1. Let Children Choose: Make sure it’s the proper size and soft-bristled, but kids that choose their own toothbrush are much more likely to want to brush. (Switch out brush every 3 months and after an illness)

2. Taste Test: Most kids don’t like the taste of adult brands, instead select a flavor of dentist recommended children’s toothpaste they like.

3. A 2 Minute Timer: In the rush to get ready for school, most kids don’t spend the recommended 2 minutes brushing. Try a fun egg or brushing timer.

4. Pack Your Lunch. Send kids to school with teeth-friendly snacks and lunches. Try fresh fruit, vegetables, and cheese. Avoid fruit juices and sodas that are acidic and erode enamel or sticky foods that will cling to teeth all day.

5. Smile Guard – Wear a properly fitted mouth guard to help active kids protect their teeth during sporting fun.

6. Floss Picks – much easier for kids to use, floss picks come in fun flavors and help you encourage the recommended 2x a day flossing.

7. Set a Good Example – brush teeth as a family after breakfast and dinner. These extra 4 minutes could save you thousands in preventable tooth care.

Why are these tips so important:
•Poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay, the #1 most common chronic childhood disease.
•Dental pain or disease can lead to difficulty in eating, speaking, playing and learning
•Over 51 million school hours are lost each year due to dental-related illness!

Start preventing tooth decay today!