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How Does Dental Insurance Work?

While many people look at insurance as a means to protect them and their families from unforeseen loss, dental insurance plans don’t quite work that way. The typical dental insurance plan can be looked at as a way to save money on the dental treatments and procedures you need. Most dental plans are offered through employers, wherein the insurance provider pays for a portion or sometimes the entire cost of treatment, based on a specific fee schedule that is stated in the policy.

A dental plan’s benefits depend on what the insurance provider offers to cover and what level of coverage your employer (or you) are willing to pay. Typically, the more items covered under a policy, the higher the premium. And the deductibles, or the amount you must pay yourself before you can receive any plan benefits, can also affect your premium.

When you visit our general/cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale and wish to use your insurance benefits, our first priority is making sure you get the best course of treatment that meets your particular dental needs, which may not align perfectly with what your insurance plan covers. Because we understand that you may face some limitations with your dental coverage, Scottsdale Dental Arts offers our patients financial options through CareCredit.

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While some things in life can be delayed, getting the dental care you need should never be one of them. We do not want finances to ever prevent you or your family from getting the dental care you need to keep your smiles healthy and beautiful. We strive to provide our patients with top quality, affordable dental care that’s tailored to meet each patient’s unique dental needs. If you have any questions about dental insurance or the financing options we offer, give us a call at (480) 860-8282 or contact us online and we’d be more than happy to help!

How Brushing Your Teeth Can Help Prevent a Heart Attack

Toothbrushing is an activity that most people do several times a day without giving it much thought. However, scientists have recently found that brushing teeth thoroughly with a special type of toothpaste can actually reduce the risk of heart attack. Additionally, it may even have a similar effect on the body as cholesterol-lowering medications.

The toothpaste, called Plaque HD, highlights or reveals the plaque on teeth. This special toothpaste has been shown to reduce dental plaque as well as inflammation in the body that can cause a range of illnesses. Plaque HD contains cleaning agents that weaken the structure of the plaque to help keep the teeth free from bacteria.

In a US-based study, 61 participants were given a 2-month supply of either normal toothpaste or Plaque HD toothpaste. Their plaque and inflammation levels were tested before and after the study. The researchers also measured changes in a C-reactive protein called hsCRP, which is a marker for inflammation in the body. It was found at the end of the study that the participants using Plaque HD reduced their plaque levels by 49 percent, compared with 24 percent for the control group. Those using the plaque-revealing toothpaste also had lower levels of hsCRP than those using the standard toothpaste.

This study adds weight to the theory that there is a connection between poor oral health and heart problems. Numerous studies have strongly suggested that there is a link between oral health and inflammatory diseases affecting the entire body – in particular, heart attacks and strokes. While more research is needed to confirm this link, it’s safe to say that if you’re proactive with keeping your mouth healthy, your overall health will improve as well.

To maintain good oral health, you should be brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing once per day. You should also visit your dentist regularly for routine oral examinations and professional cleanings. By doing so, you can enjoy having an attractive and healthy smile and maybe your heart will love it too!

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At Scottsdale Dental Arts, Dr. McCargar and his team are committed to helping all of our patients achieve and maintain good oral health. If you have any questions about the connection between oral and heart health or wish to request an appointment for a checkup and professional teeth cleaning, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!