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Top 10 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Brushing and flossing everyday are great ways to maintain good oral hygiene, but did you know that having crooked teeth could prevent you from effectively cleaning your mouth? There are more benefits to straightening your teeth, beyond cosmetic. Dr. McCargar has put together a list of the benefits of having straight teeth.

1. Better Oral Hygiene

The hard to reach spaces between crooked or overlapping teeth can start to accumulate oral bacteria and build up plaque. With straight teeth, it is easier to brush and floss.

2. Clear Speech

Certain speech impediments are a result of jaw misalignment. Properly realigning the teeth and jawbone may be a solution to these speech problems.

3. Better Chewing and Digestion

With a crooked and improper bite, you may not be chewing food properly. Problems with digestion can occur as a result.

4. Protection for Your Teeth

Protruding teeth, also known as buckteeth, are more exposed, and thus susceptible to injury. Protective mouth guards are also more difficult to fit for crooked teeth.

5. Lower Risk of Soft Tissue Injury

Protruding teeth and misplaced teeth may poke or irritate the inside of the mouth, causing cuts and sores that could lead to infections.

6. Prevent Gum Disease

Bacteria can build up between hard to reach spaces in crooked teeth. The build up can put you at a higher risk for gum disease.

7. Stop Your Headaches & TMJ Pain

Misaligned teeth will wear down unevenly, applying an unusual tension on the jaw. This uneven tension can results in headaches, migraines, or TMJ/TMD pain.

8. Cost Effectiveness

Individuals with straight teeth generally have a lesser likelihood of developing severe oral health issues in the future. This means a lesser likelihood of needing costly, invasive treatments down the line.

9. Better Overall Health

Straighter teeth lead to improved oral hygiene and less tooth decay. Studies show that gum disease and oral bacteria may be linked to heart disease, arthritis, lung problems, and other poor health conditions.

10. Positive Self Esteem

Of course, one of the most noticeable benefits of straight teeth is the physical appearance, and the confidence it gives you to let your smile shine through everyday.

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