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Give Children’s Teeth a Healthy and Happy Easter

Easter is almost here and parents often wonder how can they help their kids have a fun holiday without wreaking dental havoc. Dr. Jason McCargar of Scottsdale Dental Arts recommends trading out all the sweets in Easter baskets and eggs for toys, money, stamps, stickers, coloring books, sidewalk chalk or other children’s favorites.

However, if parents still feel they need to give at least a little candy on Easter, Dr. McCargar shares the best and worst types for their children’s teeth and some tips to manage sugar consumption.

Best and Worst Easter Treats for Teeth
(Ranked least to worst)

1.Sugar-free gum and candy provide the best sweet treat for teeth

2.Chocolate bunnies that melt away quickly are also a “better” option

3.Jelly Beans and peeps that get stuck in between teeth aren’t recommended

4.Jollly Ranchers, lollipops or sour candies are the worst culprits – the longer the candy sits in the mouth the worse for teeth, and sour candies eat away teeth’s enamel

How to Eat Easter Candy Responsibly
(Tips to parents)

1.Give Fun Dental Gifts
A favorite cartoon character toothbrush in an Easter basket serves as a great reminder to always brush after eating delicious Easter treats.

2.Location, Location, Location
Put Easter Baskets up high, preferably out-of sight, so children aren’t constantly reminded of the forbidden treats.

3.Easter Dessert
Make Easter candy a true treat by letting children choose a few pieces after a meal. They are already full from their healthy food, and saliva production (which protects the teeth) has already been initiated from the meal.

4.Let Your Dentist Help
Schedule a cleaning for your child and let your dental professional help. At Scottsdale Dental Arts, we teach children moderation and good dental habits to guarantee many years of happy, healthy Easter smiles.

Happy Easter from Scottsdale Dental Arts, Dr. Jason McCargar and Staff!