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Makeover your smile

Every six months you routinely go to your dental appointment to maintain a healthy smile. But, did you realize your dentist can also help to make you look younger? Discoloration on your teeth is a telltale sign of your age. Yellow stains on your teeth can occur from smoking, drinking coffee, drinking tea, and drinking red wine. The yellowing of your teeth begins to occur in your twenties and progressively increases each decade of life. Sometimes with advancing age teeth can also naturally start turning a shade of gray. This grayish discoloration is often due to receding nerves in the teeth that deprive the teeth of nourishment and cause them to turn brittle and gray.

You can look years younger in just one hour at the dentist. In Scottsdale Arizona, Dr. Jason McCargar uses Zoom! Whitening. This whitening method coats the teeth in a hydrogen preoxide solution, and then a heatless light is shone onto the teeth activating the bleaching action. The dentist will replace the hydrogen peroxide solution on the teeth every 15 minutes until the desired degree of white is achieved. Some offices will offer discounts to new patients or if you refer them a new patient, so be sure to ask your dentist about this service. If you just need your teeth whitened a few shades Crest White Strips are an effective and safe over-the-counter alternative for you to use at home. The clear strip is placed onto the teeth and worn for about 15 to 30 minutes. After wearing the strips daily for about two weeks your teeth will be noticeable whiter.