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Who is the Phoenix Dentist of Tiger Woods?

The January 18, 2010 edition of US Weekly is reporting a new conspiracy theory about what happened between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin in the early morning hours after Thanksgiving. According to the article (as seen above) Elin “virtually knocked out two of his upper teeth and broke the bone on the upper right side of his face.” The article goes on to say that “Tiger then made a secret trip to Phoenix to have his face reconstructed.”

Dr. McCargar is not the Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist that treated Tiger Woods, however he explains that this type of trauma could require a lot of work.

“Trauma to the front teeth is similar to a car hitting a brick wall. Depending on the severity of the trauma, anything from root canals and porcelain crowns to complete replacement of the teeth with dental implants may be indicated,” stated Dr McCargar.

After experiencing trauma it is critical to be evaluated immediately by a dentist. The teeth may have moved into a different position which can completely change the bite.

“Sometimes the teeth can manually be put back into their previous position in the arch. It depends on how far the teeth moved, and how soon the patient sees the dentist after the trauma has occurred,” stated Dr McCargar, a cosmetic dentist with Scottsdale Dental Arts.

One of the worst things that can happen is for the roots to completely fracture. The long-term prognosis for a tooth with a fractured root can vary from questionable to hopeless, depending on the location and depth of the fracture.

Dr. McCargar has several years of dealing with trauma victims as he was a Phoenix Dentist at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital before going into private practice in Scottsdale. At the hospital Dr. McCargar treated emergency trauma patients after car accidents, bike accidents, and severe falls. He says, “It is so important after a person experiences a trauma, that their smile is similar to the old one and still comfortable, but much improved. We don’t want to change the appearance too much because the person didn’t elect to look different; however, it gives us the opportunity to act as artists and change aspects of the teeth that the person always wished looked better.”