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I have a toothache why did my dentist prescribe clindamycin?

A toothache is most likely caused from an infection within the tooth. Decay on the tooth gets worse when sugary substances are ingested because bacteria living within the cavity feed on the sugar. As the infection gets deeper and deeper inside the body of the tooth it eventually strikes the nerve which is why you have that pulsating, throbbing pain that radiates across your jaw. The infection is now in an area that air does not reach easily. The bacteria causing this particular infection is called anaerobic bacteria. (Aerobic means only in the presence of oxygen; therefore anaerobic means without oxygen.) Anaerobic bacteria only respond to certain antibiotics and one of these antibiotics is clindamycin. Clindamycin will help to get rid of some of the anaerobic bacteria that is causing the infection and therefore help with the pain. Dr. McCargar says that “It is imperative however, that a patient in this particular case follow-up with the dentist because the infection will continue to come back until the decay or the cavity is properly removed and treated.”