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White doesn’t mean Bright

White wine may be the lesser of the two evils. In comparison to red wine, white wine can still stain your teeth but maybe not as badly as the red. The acids found in any wine can break down the enamel by creating rough spots and grooves in the teeth, allowing chemicals in stain-causing bevereages (coffee, tea, cola, wine) to penetrate deeper into the tooth. Red wine is still the stronger culprit at staining your pearly-whites because it contains chromogen, a strongly pigmented substance. However, white wine shows it can still stain teeth even though it won’t discolor your teeth as badly as red wine.

Acidic erosion is not just a problem caused by wines, it can also be caused by any acidic drink (orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade, sports and energy drinks, sodas). Dr. McCargar, DMD, with Scottsdale Dental Arts recommends that patients simply keep wine consumption within moderation, because by cutting back on acidic drinks people can help to maintain their whitest smile.