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Does bad breath "Bug" you?

The garlic that you ate for lunch is not the only thing that can cause bad breath. People with periodontal disease have a 15% higher chance of having a bacteria inside their mouth that can release an odor causing gas. That bacteria is called H. pylori. Generally, the bacteria is found in your stomach and can cause stomach ulcers and heartburn. However, the stomach ulcer bug can also cause bad breath. If you have persistent heartburn and halitosis ask your doctor or dentist about medications that can help to treat this condition. Dr. Jason McCargar, DMD says that by treating the heartburn with a proton pump inhibitor and also treating the periodontal disease at the same time, patients can drastically decrease the incidence of halitosis (bad breath). To completely irradicate the stomach bacteria, however a series of antibiotics plus proton pump inhibitors must be used for a 14 day period. Ask your primary care physician about your treatment options if you have heart burn more than 2 days per week.