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Your Questions Answered by Lynn

Q: Which floss is best, waxed or unwaxed?
A: “The best type of floss is truly a personal preference. If contacts between the teeth are tight, an unwaxed floss may snag and leave floss fragments caught in between the teeth. My personal favorite is Glide. Since it has a Teflon coating, it slides between all areas, and if it breaks, it breaks clean, not leaving anything caught between the teeth.”

Q: If I swish with Listerine, do I still have to floss?
A: “Yes! Although Listerine does kill bacteria, the product is unable to remove the plaque that is present between the teeth that only floss can remove.

Q: What is the best type of toothbrush on the market?
A: “Any type of toothbrush with soft bristles will be effective in plaque removal. Just avoid any brush with a medium or hard bristle. These types of brushes won’t clean as well as soft brushes and can actually cause the gums to recede.”

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