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The invisible alternative to braces: Invisalign

Invisalign is a safe, effective alternative to braces that allows you the same teeth-straightening procedure without any of the hassle and embarrassment of regular wire braces. Align Technology is the manufacturer of Inivsalign and have treated thousands of happy patients since their beginning in 1997. Invisalign not only helps you to achieve the smile that you’ve always dreamed of, but it often is less expensive and less time consuming. Dr. McCargar is a specialist trained in the use of the Invisalign technology. His goal is to make you smile during the alignment or correction process as well as after it is over.

Upon your first visit as a candidate for Invisalign, several pictures of your teeth and mouth will be taken in addition to a mold of your teeth. These are then sent to the Invisalign manufacturer, where they will turn the data into a 3-D computer image. During the second visit, you will see exactly what your teeth look like and you will be able to compare them to what they will look like after Invisalign. This is a huge benefit to be able to view the step-by-step treatment process and see the final product before treatment even begins. The manufacturer will then, complete a series of custom-made alignment trays (the invisible braces) that are made just for you. These will then be changed every two weeks during the course of treatment.

There are a multitude of advantages that Invisalign has over conventional braces. The first advantage is cost. The national average cost of Invisalign is $5,000, and some treatments can cost as little as $3,500 for less severe cases. The second advantage is that the trays can easily be removed for brushing, flossing, and eating, this in turn, helps to maintain proper oral hygiene (something that is very difficult with conventional braces). Next, there are no annoying wires or metals to rub on gums or lips, so Inivisalign is much more comfortable to wear. It also is safer for teens involved in sports because there is no risk of injury to the mouth.

If you or someone you know is not happy with their smile and is interested in a free consultation for Invisalign, please call our office today. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you to address your needs.