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Chewing gum that is good for your teeth

It is no wonder that 9 out of 10 dentists prefer Trident. The newest gum to hit the shelves in the supermarkets now has cavity-fighting benefits. Look for Trident’s newest product: Xtra Care; it claims to strengthen your teeth with patented Recaldent (calcium casein petone-calcium phosphate). Recaldent is an ingredient derived from protein found in cow’s milk. The way the Recaldent works is by binding to the plaque that is already on your tooth. As you eat food (especially sugary foods), bacteria in the plaque eats too, this bacteria then produces acidic by-products that cause calcium and phosphate to leave the tooth, leaving it susceptible to decay and cavities. But, when Recaldent is in the mouth it attaches to the plaque, and reverses the process by releasing calcium and phosphate back into the tooth to restore it. It actually rebuilds the enamel from the inside out. Studies that have been done by Trident actually show the benefits of the gum up to three hours after the person has stopped chewing it.