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Behind the Brush: An Interview with Arizona’s Top Dental Hygienist Lynn McKinney

Lynn McKinney has been Making People Smile for more than 20 years. Through her experience and dedication to her patients, Lynn has become Arizona’s Top Dental Hygienist, an honor given to her by her patients.

“My teeth have never felt better after my cleaning with Lynn. She took the time to thoroughly do a great job which helps me to achieve optimal oral health,” stated Laura, one of the many patients Lynn treats at Scottsdale Dental Arts, the Family and Cosmetic Dental practice of Dr. Jason D. McCargar, DMD.

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Q: Should I brush first or floss first?
A: “There is no difference as long as each step is done thoroughly.”

Q: What compels you as a dental hygienist?
A: “Being able to help people just like you! I have always enjoyed helping both people and animals. After a very brief career at the horse racing farm, I made a career decision to switch to dentistry. As a dental hygienist I am able to treat many different patients on a daily basis. This is the most personally rewarding part of my job. I strive to make a difference in our patient’s overall health.”